Notification Basics

By default, notifications are turned ON for all teams and all users. There are three types of notifications in ZERO:

  1. In-App Notifications (the bell icon in the upper right corner);
  2. Email Notifications (delivered to your inbox); and
  3. Push notifications (delivered to your mobile device).

You can always check ZERO to see if there is a badge on the bell or push pin icon. This indicates there are new notifications to read.

Please note: you can always turn OFF your notifications in your account settings.

When will ZERO send me notifications?

ZERO will send you notifications for all activity on any post where you are "subscriber". If you are not subscribed to the post (or if you are subscribed to the post, but you turned your notification settings off), you will not receive any notifications.

If you are a subscriber on a post, you will receive notifications (in app, email, and push notifications) when someone:

  • Creates a post
  • Assigns you to a post
  • Comments on a post
  • Closes/reopens a post

If you are not a subscriber (and/or if you have your notification settings turned off), you will not receive any notifications for that post.

How do I subscribe to a post to receive notifications?

You can subscribe to any post at any time by clicking "subscribe me" at the bottom of the post in the section called "Subscribers". If your avatar is listed there, then you are subscribed to the post, and you will be notified about any comments (including close/reopen comments) on the post. You can also click "change" and add other subscribers at any time.

Click here to learn more about managing your ZERO Notifications.

More about Notifications in ZERO...

Notifications in ZERO are designed to be as flexible as possible to meet a wide range of different use cases. For example...

  • Notifications are turned ON by default for each team, but Admins and Team Leads have the ability to turn them OFF by adjusting the team settings.
  • Notifications are turned ON by default for each individual user, but you can override that by turning OFF notifications globally in your profile settings.
  • When you add someone to subscribers (or when you subscribe yourself), you are signing that person up to receive updates about all future activity on that post.
  • You can always "unsubscribe" yourself if you do not want to receive notifications for that post anymore.

There are two places where you can add/remove subscribers for a post:

  1. On the new post page when you are creating your post (i.e., before the post is submitted); and 
  2. On the post details page (i.e., after the post is live) at the bottom of the post under the comment block.

Please note: A "subscriber" is not the same thing as a "responder". For more on the difference, click here.

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