Kiosk Mode (KM) is the perfect solution if you need to:

  1. Add users to your account who do not have email addresses; or
  2. Create "kiosks" where many users can access ZERO from a single, shared device (e.g., an iPad stationed on a factory floor).

To enable Kiosk Mode on your ZERO account, follow these steps:

  1. Login (as you normally would) on the device where you want to enable KM;
  2. Navigate to the Settings page;
  3. Click the Kiosk Mode tab;
  4. Enter a name for the KM device and click Add Kiosk.

Once you complete those steps, that device will remain in Kiosk Mode until it is turned off by an Administrator. Once KM is enabled, any user that is registered on your account will be able to access ZERO via that kiosk. 

Please note: only Admins can enable/disable Kiosk Mode.

If you'd like to onboard a large number of users that do not have email addresses, please contact us at We'd be happy to assist with the onboarding process.


If you would like to download a printable step by step guide, click the button below:

The following is a printable guide to share with your team members on how to use kiosk mode: 

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