Assigning a teammate to a post is quick and easy using the "Assign Responder" button in ZERO.

  • To assign a responder, all you need to do is click the Change link underneath "Responders" on any post.

Here is some more info on assignments and responders:

  • Anyone can assign any teammate to a post at any time as long as the post is still "open" (if it's closed, you must reopen the post first).
  • When you assign someone to a post, ZERO will send that person a notification (via in-app, email, and push notification), informing the responder of the new assignment.
  • If you are assigned to a post by someone else, you will always be able to access your assignments in the all-new My Posts area of ZERO, which can be accessed by clicking the "thumbtack" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • There must always be one responder assigned to every post. If you created the post, you will be assigned as the responder for that post automatically.


To download a how-to guide (PDF), click the button below: 

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