In a large company with multiple divisions or locations, it might make sense to create multiple ZERO Accounts (or "organizations" as we call them), so that those organizations can operate independently of one another.

As an Admin, you are able to access multiple organizations from a single login. You will just need to complete the following steps. 

Please note: these steps only apply if you'd like to create a new organization (separate from the one you are currently registered in). If you want to link multiple existing organizations, please contact

  1. Click the dropdown arrow under your profile picture
  2. Hover over Switch Organization
  3. Click Create a new organization...
  4. Enter the name for your new organization and click Create

Once you complete those steps, you will have created a new organization (completely separate from the existing organization) and you will be able to toggle between those accounts from a single login.

If you have any questions or need helping getting setup, please contact, and we'll be happy to assist.
Please find an informational document with step by step instructions here:

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