In ZERO, you can "Deactivate" members if they leave your company or no longer need access to your ZERO account. 

Here's what happens when you deactivate someone:

  • The member will be removed from all teams.
  • The member will no longer be able to login to this account in the future.
  • The member's data will still be accessible in ZERO.

Here's how to deactivate someone (only Admins can deactivate):

  1. Click on Manage Members;
  2. Find the member you want to deactivate (by searching or scrolling the list);
  3. Click the ••• next to the member's name;
  4. Click Deactivate User

You can always reactivate someone if you need to later.


If you would like a downloadable set of instructions, please click on the button below for access:

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