ZERO Forms is a tool that allows you to create forms and surveys for all members of your organization to complete. These forms can be used for daily safety checklists, LOTO procedures, and any other type of survey or form you can think of! 

Here's how to create a new form: 

  1. Click on Forms from the ZERO Menu. (To create a form, you must be a ZERO Administrator or Team Lead; anyone can complete a form.)
  2. Click on "Manage Forms" in the Administrator sidebar.
  3. Click on "+ Create Form" to open the Form Builder.
  4. Name the Form and select the type of form it will be- either an Audit or a Custom Form.
  5. Designate which Team the Form will be assigned.
  6. Decide which types of fields you would like to include on your first Form. These can include dropdown menus, check boxes, multiple choice, text input, and much more. 
  7. Drag and drop the selected fields into the Form Builder. Once in place, you can rearrange each element as needed. 
  8. To edit each field, click on the pencil tool to edit the field detail. When complete, select "Apply" to save the details of each form element. 
  9. To accept submissions, make sure the switch is set to "On".
  10. When you're done, check on "Create Form" at the bottom of the edit tool.
  11. Your Form is now live and ready for colleagues to complete. If you need to edit or delete the form, click on the "...". To turn off submissions, select edit and turn the Accept Submissions button to off. 

If you would like to download a printable step by step guide, click the button below:


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